eWorkspace: Upload an Image of Student Work

This article describes the ways students can get images of their work and the procedure for uploading their work to their teacher.

1. Create & Photograph Student Work

1.1. Complete work using pencil and paper.

  • Students complete math work with hand-drawn tables, graphs, equations, and explanations on one side of regular paper.
  • Students take a photo of each problem with their cell phone camera. Do not photograph more than one problem per photo.
  • Students upload the photo of their work.

1.2. Use an app to draw, label, and explain student thinking.

  • Mobile devices have numerous free whiteboards for students to draw on such as ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Students on Chromebooks and other laptops might choose Google's whiteboard called Jamboard: https://jamboard.google.com
2. Upload Process and Submission
  1. Click the button "Upload".
  2. Find the image representing student work for the chosen problem number on your device.
  3. Click "Open".