CPM Student eBook FAQ

Below are the answers to questions frequently asked concerning the CPM eBooks.

1. Do  I  need  internet  access to view the eBooks?

Yes! We recommend using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome Browsers.

2. Will  the  books  work  on  iPad?

Yes, as long as you have internet access! Open your web browser (other than Internet Explorer). For students, each class has a different URL. You teacher will give you information with your URL, username, and password.

Go to the given URL. Type in your username and password just as if you were on a computer. You may want to bookmark the site on your iPad. It works best on the iPad 2 or later. With the iPad 1, you may need to use a two finger scroll. Be sure that your iPad software is up-to-date.

3. I can't access the eBook. What do I do now?

Do you have internet access? If so, are you using the correct URL? Note that students have a different URL for each class. Use an updated browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome (all free downloads). We do NOT recommend Internet Explorer. If you know you are using the correct login information, refresh or clear your cache. Click on the link above for directions.

4. Which homework link do I use?

Which homework link do I use?

The homework help link looks like the image above. The link "Hints" requires Java to be enabled. The link "help" uses HTML5 and works on most mobile devices such as the iPad and computers with recent system software. You can try both links to see which works best for your computer/device.

5. What can I do to speed up the Homework Help. It loads very slowly!

The speed will depend on your computer and your internet access speed. In general, the Java version (Hints Link) is slower than the HTML5 version (Help LInk). Both newer computers and mobile devices can use the HTML5 version which only takes a few seconds to load.

6. None of the above addressess my question.

If your question is still not answered, fill out a support form at the link above.