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MC2 1.2.3: Rewriting Fractions as Percents (Vimeo)

Updated Jul 07, 2015

Click the link below for the 27 second "Rewriting Fractions as Percents" Quicktime Animation.

1. This lesson includes a QuickTime animation demonstration of how a fraction to percent conversion can be geometrically represented. The diagrams in the animation match those in problem 1‑95.

2. Teacher Notes:

  • Project this animation as part of a class discussion for 1-95. 
  • Test the technology setup before students arrive to be sure that it is working properly. 
  • Start the animation, and use the pause button to stop it after each major change to the diagram so that students have time to make sense of what is happening on the screen. 
  • Consider asking questions about what has changed or giving students time in teams or with a partner to summarize what has happened before continuing the animation. 
  • After students have made sense of the animation by examining each piece, play the animation through at full speed.
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