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Int1 4.2.1: 4-48, 4-49, 4-51, 4-52, 4-52 Student eTools (Desmos) & 4-52 Random Point Generator (G-sheet)

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Int1 4-48 Student eTool (Desmos):
Int1 4-49  Student eTool (Desmos):
Int1 4-51 Student eTool (Desmos)
Int1 4-52 Student eTool (Desmos):
Random Point Generator & Int1 4-54 Student eTool (Desmos):
  • Duplicate the Google Sheet for your personal use!
  • Modify the settings.
  • Press refresh to obtain new random numbers.
  • Copy and Paste columns A and B into the 4-54 Student eTool (Desmos).
  • A table of values will be created and the data plotted on the graph.
  • Press the wrench on the upper right corner to set the Range and Domain for the graph.
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