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CC3 4.1.2: 4-12, 4-13a, 4-13b, and 4-15 Student eTools (CPM)

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Create Figure 0 and Figure 4 for each problem.

1. Click the Pattern Tile under the General Tools and drag it to the tile area.

2. Click and hold the tile until the tile settings appear.

3. Select the tile pattern you want to use.

4. Click 'Change color' button and select the desired color.

5. Click the arrow-like symbol on the lower left corner of the tile and drag (to the right or down) to extend/add more tiles.

4-12: Tile Pattern #1
4-13a: Tile Pattern #2
CC3 4-13a Student eTool:
4-13b: Tile Pattern #3
CC3 4-13b Student eTool:
4-15: Tile Pattern #4
CC3 4-15 Student eTool:
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