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Create a Moveable Line Using a Moveable Point

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In the example below:

  • Drag the BLUE points.
  • Drag along the line.
  • Drag the grid.
  • Click the arrow in front of "Line" in step 3 to view how this is created!


Create a line with a stationary point at (0,0) and a moveable point which allows the user to pivot the line about the origin thereby changing the Slope.

Step 1:

  1. Add a new folder from the "+" menu and name it such as "Moveable Line about the Origin" 
  2. Delete the current lines so that you do not repeat variable names.
Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Type the following steps without the comments in the ovals.
  • The sliders are automatically created when clicking "add sliders" ALL!
Step 2:


  • Click on the "Moveable line" to resave!
  • Rename the graph.
  • Click on "Save a New Copy".
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