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Creating & Using a Desmos Account (Top Black Bar)

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Students and teachers would benefit by attaining a Desmos Account in order to save their work and share with others.

  • Look at the top BLACK bar.
  • Click all words and icons on the top bar.  What do each do?

TASK: Get a Desmos Account

  • Click on "Create Account".
  • We recommend using your Google Account because it is easy and no new password to remember!
  • Or, you can create a Desmos Account.
TASK: Get a Desmos Account


To access your Saved projects or create a New Blank Graph:

  1. Click on the three parallel bars to open and close your saved graphs!
  2. Click on any saved project.  Then click on the "Open Graph".
  3. Click on "New Blank Graph" to create a new graph.
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