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Create Polygons



  • Click on the link below.
  • Move each vertex.  How many different quadrilaterals can you form?
  • Click the arrow on the folder and investigate the table and the moveable point.


  • Resave the file and call it "Create Polygons".
  • Add two more folders. Name the first: 3-Sides (Triangles).  Name the second: 5-Sides (Pentagons)
  • Below are the expressions and table to add to the 3-Sides (Triangles) folder.  
  • Add similar expressions and table to add to the folder for pentagons. 

Additional Notes:

  • A moveable point must start and end the table to connect the sides of the figure.
  • Hold the circle until the menu shows. Select the icon to connect the points and to move them in all directions.
  • The variables MUST be unique.  Choose a system that makes sense to you. In this case the columns are named P3x and P3y representing the x-column for a polygon of 3 sides and the y-column for a polygon of 3 sides.
  • The variable point was named: (x3,y3) for a variable point for the 3-sided figure.
  • Check how the variables are named for the 4-sided polygon.  Follow a similar pattern for the 5-sided polygon.


  • Save your work in your Desmos Account.
  • Save the link to your google spreadsheet for your partner to access or email the link to your partner.
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