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CCA2 8.2.3: 3D Complex Plane Model

Updated Jan 23, 2016

1. Fold the paper in half perpendicular to the dotted line.

Fold the paper on the line marked bi and −bi. This is a “mountain” fold, so the printing is on the outside.

2. Cut along the dotted line.

Note: When cutting you get both sides of the dotted line because it is folded!!

3. Crease 2 valley folds.

4. Fold backward along the center line:

  • Hold the flaps perpendicular to the center line and push down.
  • This opens the cut along the dotted line.
  • Fold along the Center Line.

5. The Emerging Model:

  • Position the model so that the equation is on the right side.
  • Close any gaps with tape.
  • The model will not "stand" well because the bottom is uneven.

6. Cut the uneven edge off!

7. View Parabola.

  • The imaginary plane is almost invisible coming directly at you.
  • The parabola is visible!

8. Turn the model to view the complex roots

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