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Using General Tools

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  • Drag general tools to the display area.
  • Click and hold objects until the menu appears.
  • Double click the bars.

CREATE: Add the 4th figure to the file.

  • Add a "Dot Grid" background so that the object snap to the grid.
  • Add a text box and label it "Figure 4"
  • Drag the appropriate objects to the display and position them appropriately above "Figure 4"
  • "Figure 4" objects should be purple.
  • Remove the "Dot Grid" when completed.
CREATE: Add the 4th figure to the file.

Additional Notes:

Click and hold to edit.

  1. Select rounded corners for both ends.
  2. Change color
  3. Click and drag arrows to enlarge or shorten

Double click bars to rotate.

Additional Notes:


  1. Go to menu
  2. Disable Tools
  3. Save
  4. Copy URL and paste on Google Sheet!
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