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Creating 3D Block Puzzles

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  • Click the link below.
  • Read the directions in the tray at the left of the eTool.
  • Build the isometric view of the structure.
  • When finished, in the tray, click the Top, Front, Right views to see if the structure you built matches the same views in GREEN.
  • Is there more than one correct way to build this that results in the same Front, Right, and Top views?


  1. Remove all of the blocks on the mat board by clicking on the side of each block or going to the menu and "Clear Blocks."
  2. Go to the menu and click "Create a Puzzle."
  3. Build a unique structure of your own on the mat.  Notice the front, right, and top views are automatically created!
  4. Add a title and description for your puzzle.


  1. At the bottom of the "Views", Click "Save this puzzle."
  2. Copy the URL and save on your Google spreadsheet.
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