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Using Algebra Tiles

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  • Simplify each side to decide which side is greater.
  • Click the tiles to toggle between positive and negative.
  • Double click to rotate.
  • Drag about a group of tiles to select.  Then drag tiles to the tray to remove.


A rectangle with all of the pieces of the expansion of (2x + 3) (x - 5).

  • Remove the background and all of the tiles. Close the Backgrounds and open the Algebra Tiles.
  • Drag a few tiles out to the display.  Select about them.  Copy and paste numerous times.
  • Drag them to position them.
  • Use the arrows and labels to illustrate.


  • Go to the menu and "Options".
  • Write a title and description.
  • Enable/disable tools.
  • Save and copy the URL and paste in the Google Sheet.
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