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This is an interactive eTool.

  • Flip the coins and move the dots under the results to record.
  • Investigate the construction of the tree diagram.

Note: These coins are generic on purpose!  

CREATE An Interactive eTool:

Modify the eTool above to create the following:

  • Flip a coin.  If it is Heads, record the result.
  • If it is Tails, flip again and record the result.
  • Make a table with moveable dots on the side to record results.
  • Make a tree diagram to show the theoretical probability.
CREATE An Interactive eTool:


  • Go to the Gear and click options.
  • Add a title and directions.
  • Enable/disable the tools.
  • Go to the Gear and Save.
  • Copy the URL and add to the Google Sheet.
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