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Creating Acrobat Number Lines

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  • Click both + and - lengths.
  • Click the "play" button.
  • Add a new solution.  Click on each separately.  Play!
  • What happens when the solution is correct/incorrect?

Explore Acrobat Controls:

  1. Zoom: Use the magnifying glass to zoom in and out.
  2. Add Solutions: Click the "+" in the tray.  Then click the lengths.
  3. Play Solutions: Play any of your solutions by clicking the solution for the "play" button to appear.  Dotted lines show the active solution.
  4. Delete Solutions: Click to select the solution. Then click the "X" at the end to delete the entire solution. Click any part of a solution. Press "delete" to delete it only.
Explore Acrobat Controls:

Explore Built-In Puzzles:

  1. In the menu, click "Choose Puzzle."
  2. Then select a puzzle to play!
Explore Built-In Puzzles:


Create your own Acrobat Number Line Puzzle for others to solve:

  1. Click the Menu. Click "Create a Puzzle."
  2. Add a title and description.
  3. Set the rope length up to 100 feet. Set the number of rope lengths minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4.
  4. Save.


  • In the menu, click "Save."
  • Copy the URL and paste in the google spreadsheet.
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